Whether you want to cultivate a savings habit for your children, or plan to save up for their overseas education in the future, My Kid Savings Plan is your perfect choice.

A colorful savings passbook that shows every detail at a glance

A cute and colorful savings passbook comes along with the plan, helping to enhance your children's saving interest. The passbook shows clearly your monthly deposit date, deposit amount, the date of maturity, the interest rate per annum, as well as your anticipated total savings upon maturity.

A savings program with a high interest return

My Kid Savings Program carries an attractive interest rate that is higher than average HK dollar time deposits, offering excellent return to meet your target.

A low monthly deposit amount that suits everyone

You can choose the amount of monthly deposit according to your own financial condition; the minimum amount is only as low as HK$500 per month.

Extra deposits, extra benefits

You can determine the amount of your optional initial deposit1 as well as subsequent monthly deposits. During each Lunar New Year2, you can put in your children's "Red Packet Money" to increase the total deposit amount and interest return.

Flexible tenors

To start the savings plan for your children, you can choose from tenors of 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 months.

A simple and convenient way to arrange your monthly deposit

In addition to making your monthly deposit through our branches, you may also do so by setting up a Direct Debit Authorization to deposit your monthly contribution from any one of the local banks3.

Start cultivating a savings habit for your children now. Bring them along to any of our branches together with their original birth certificates and enroll in the plan today!