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Business eBanking
Business eBanking
Seize Every Opportunity to Create Your Successful Pathway
  OCBC Wing Hang is always ready to serve you with our online financial management services which not include Business Finance or Mortgage application via our website, but also 24-hour comprehensive and reliable online corporate banking services as well as privileged offers through "Business eBanking", your personal assistant:
Remittance services assisting you to transfer fund flexibly
L/C application and amendment in a convenient and quick way
Handling fee waiver for online payroll service
Support "Dual Approval" of transaction to secure your company assets
"User Profiles Maintenance" allows you to preset accessing rights for appointed staff
Multi-verification process giving you extra protection
  "Business eBanking" offers you a wide range of superior services:
Cash Management

Account Overview
Transaction Enquiry
eStatement & eAdvice Service
Internal & Third Party Account Transfer
Time Deposit
Bill Payment
Payroll Service
Upload Payroll Instruction Service
Upload Batch Payment Instruction Service
Forward Date Instruction up to 45 days
Trade Services

Letter of Credit Application & Amendment
Bills Account Enquiry
Investment Services

Foreign Currency & Gold Trading

Pre-set Foreign Currency & Gold Buy/Sell Order
Securities Trading
Deposit Rates, Exchange Rates & Gold Price Enquiry
Cheque Services

Request Cheque Book
Cheque Status Enquiry
Stop Cheque Payment
Administration Control

Preset Daily Transaction Limits
Account Permission Assignment
User Profiles Maintenance
Administration & User Activities Enquiry
Security Device
With the OCBC Wing Hang "Security Device", you can generate a One-Time Security Code as a second verification when performing the below designated online transactions and instructions on our Internet Banking. With the use of "Security Device", you can enjoy a higher degree of protection and security for your online transactions.
e-Cheque Issuance
Fund Transfer to Non-Registered Third Party Account (includes OCBC Wing Hang and Other Bank Account Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, CHATS and HK-Macau Instant Remittance)
Payment/Donation to Non-Registered Merchant Bills
Approval for required transactions (For approver)
How to get started
Step 1: Maintain a valid eBanking account
Step 2: Keep valid mobile phone number in bank record
Step 3: Apply to the Bank for the Security Device and set up daily transaction limit *
Step 4: Activate the Security Device upon receipt
Step 5: Use the Security Device to generate a One-Time Security Code when performing designated online transactions or instructions
*Please apply for the Security Device by visiting any one of our branches.
For more details about Security Device, please refer to our FAQs.
Act Now
Simply visit any OCBC Wing Hang branches for application or call 3199 9188 for details.
eBanking Demo
eBanking Demo
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