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SME Banking
SME Banking
SME Banking Accelerate Your Business Growth With Our Speedy Support
In a fast-moving business world, we understand the importance of time and working capital for your business development. With our extensive branch and service network throughout Hong Kong, Macau and China, and a team of dedicated and professional Account Managers, we strive to provide you with the most efficient and excellent SME (Small & Medium Sized Enterprises) Banking Service and various superior privileges enabling you to grasp more business opportunities.
Full range of RMB trade settlement service
To facilitate your cross-border trade between Mainland China and Hong Kong as well as the increasing demand of RMB, we provide you with a full range of RMB trade settlement services which can help you avoid exchange rate risks, reduce your transaction costs, so that you can strive for your business development. Services include:

RMB account for trade settlement
RMB remittance
RMB exchange
RMB trade finance service
Prompt Remittance Service
With our extensive worldwide network, you can arrange your remittance to designated bank accounts in more than 60 countries around the world in an efficient way.

For HK-China remittance, we provide HKD / USD Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS), to ensure reliable and efficient remittance between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
For HK-Macau remittance, our brand-new service allows you to make a real time HKD remittance to beneficiary's accounts at OCBC Wing Hang of Macau
Comprehensive Trade Finance Solutions
We provide professional import-related and export-related trade services, as well as extensive trade finance solutions including invoice discounting and packing loans, etc., enabling you to boost your competitive edge in the fast-paced business world.
Flexible Range of Business Credit Facilities
In addition to trade finance, we also offer a wide range of short-term to long-term business credit facilities, including unsecured overdraft / loan, mortgage loan, equipment finance, and corporate tax loan. Moreover, we can also meet your financial needs in China and Macau through our extensive network. Our Account Managers can tailor-make a one-step financial management solution to help you achieve greater financial flexibility.
"SME Loan Guarantee Scheme"
We can assist you to apply for the "SME Loan Guarantee Scheme" from the HKSAR Government to enjoy a loan amount as high as HK$12 million with preferential interest rate to help you pursue your business expansion.
Comprehensive Capital Management Service
We provide a comprehensive range of deposit and investment plans for you to gain the full benefit of flexibility and high yield with your surplus capital. Also, through our Business eBanking Service, you can enjoy the most convenient service and manage your company's finance online anytime, anywhere at your fingertips.
Diverse Range of Insurance Products
We offer a variety of insurance products for you to protect your company's assets and employees, such as employee's compensation insurance, office insurance, third party insurance, business travel insurance,life insurance. Our insurance service can also be tailor-designed for your company's specific needs.
MPF & Payroll Services
Our professional MPF service enables your employees to enjoy reliable retirement protection. We can also provide you with free and user-friendly MPF software and calculator to facilitate your MPF calculations. Furthermore, we can offer you other supporting services including payroll and MPF contributions autopay services and employee income tax return services, etc. Meanwhile, you can simply manage your company account via our autopay service to enjoy hassle-free corporate account management.
"eMerchant Acquiring Service"
We can provide you with "eMerchant Acquiring Service" which is a comprehensive, integrated and reliable electronic payment processing platform for real-time transactions. It allows you to receive secure online payment from around the world and ensures 100% protection against unauthorized transactions without any extra remittance fees.
OCBC Wing Hang VISA Platinum Business Card
With our VISA Platinum Business Card, you can enjoy:

18% preferential interest rate on retail purchase and cash advance*
0.4% Cash Rebate for all retail purchase spending
Perpetual annual fee waiver
Fabulous merchant offers and One-Stop Business Service Platform
* Interest rates are 18% p.a. for retail purchase (Annualized Percentage Rate ("APR")19.06%) and 18% p.a. for cash advance (APR 20.82%) respectively.
Exceptional Banking Offers

Preferential interest rate for export bills discount under ECIC coverage
Preferential interest rate for equipment financing
Preferential interest rate for Corporate Tax Loan
25% premium discount for "Travelon Insurance Plan"
20% premium discount for Office / Shop Protection Package Insurance*
Welcome gift for applying Keyman Insurance Plan
Preferential interest rate for time deposit
Free autopay service
Free financial consultation service
* Include the coverage of property damage, business interruption, public liability and employees' compensation.
We value your total relationship with us as partners and wish to be able to help you expand your business. If you would like to know more details about "SME Banking" service or open a company account, please visit any of our branches or call our SME Banking Enquiry Hotline on 2633 0628.
OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited ("the Bank") has the right to change, amend and vary all and any of the above privileges and terms and conditions from time to time and at any time without prior notice to any customer. Regarding all matters and disputes concerning or arising from the above privileges and the terms and conditions, the Bank's decision and interpretation shall be final, conclusive and binding on the customers. If there is any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions hereof, the English version shall prevail.
Business eBanking Services
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