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Stock Quote Service
Stock Quote Service
Stock Quote Service Plan
Free real-time stock quote service will be offered to securities trading customers1:
Basic Customer
OCBC Bank Premier
Banking Customer
Internet Banking
300 times
per calendar month
2,000 times
per calendar month
Mobile Banking
300 times per calendar month
Customers can apply the Extra Quote Access for Internet Banking that HK$0.1 per quote (minimum charge per month: HK$20) will be charged for usage on top of the free quotes offered2.
Trade Incentive Programme
Additional 100 times FREE Internet Banking real-time stock quotes in the following calendar month for every accumulated successful transaction amount of HK$50,000 during the relevant calendar month3.
In May, total turnover of a customer with basic investment account is HK$180,000, therefore, he will enjoy totally 600 times free Internet Banking real-time quotes (i.e. 300 times basic plus 300 times additional) in June.
Free Price Alert SMS service
Each OCBC Bank securities trading customers can enjoy 10 free alerts per month. Available alert contents include Hang Seng Index, nominal price, bid/ask price, change, volume of particular securities, etc.
1. Only applicable to OCBC Bank Investment Account holders who are users of Internet Banking / Mobile Banking Services.
2. Any fraction of HK$10 payable will be rounded upward to the nearest ten dollars. For example, service fee of HK$30 will be charged for the usage of 201 times real-time stock quotes on top of the free quotes offered. The service fee will be debited from customer's settlement account monthly and real-time stock quote service will be suspended automatically once the service fee cannot be received due to insufficient balance.
3. Customers shall trade securities via OCBC Bank. Each investment account shall form a separate basis for the calculation of such transactions for each calendar month and no transaction can be carried forward to the next calendar month.
OCBC Securities Brokerage (Hong Kong) Limited, a subsidiary of OCBC Bank and an exchange participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, is the official broker of OCBC Bank.
Important Notices and Risk Warning
Please note that investment involves risks, including the substantial loss of the principal amount invested. The prices of investment products may move up or down, sometimes dramatically, and may become valueless. Past performance is not indicative to future performance. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profits made as a result of buying and selling in investment products. If the investment involves Renminbi, you should note that the value of Renminbi against other currencies fluctuates and will be affected by, amongst other things, the PRC’s government control. You should also note that Renminbi is currently not freely convertible and the offshore Renminbi exchange rate may deviate significantly from the onshore Renminbi exchange rate. Foreign currency-denominated transactions involve currency risks. Fluctuations in currency rates may result in significant losses in the amount invested in the event that the currency denomination of the transaction exchanges to another currency.
Nothing in this promotional material constitutes an investment advice or an offer or an inducement to any person to acquire, purchase or subscribe for any investments, products or services referred to herein. Investor should not invest solely based on this promotional material. You should carefully read the offering documentation for detailed product information and risk factors prior to making any investment decision. If you have any doubt, you should seek independent professional advice. This promotional material is prepared by OCBC Bank, the contents have not been reviewed by any regulatory authority in Hong Kong.



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