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Easy Spending Interest-free Installment Plan

Easy Spending Interest-free Installment Plan

  With OCBC Wing Hang Credit Card, you can now enjoy "Easy Spending" Interest-free Installment Plan for any consumption in any merchants and anywhere, making your spending easy!


Flexible repayment period: 12-month, 18-month and 24-month tenor

Monthly handling fee is as low as 0.25%
Installment Tenor Monthly Handling Fee
12-month Tenor 0.21%
18-month Tenor 0.25%
24-month Tenor 0.29%
  Example Total Installment Amount: HK$3,000 ; Repayment Period: 12-mth
"Easy Spending"
Total Installment Amt
Monthly Handling Fee Monthly Installment Amt Monthly Repayment
HK$3,000 HK$6.3
(HK$3,000 x 0.21%)
HK$250 HK$256.3

Applicable to retail purchase transactions of both OCBC Wing Hang Credit Card or other Bank’s Credit Card

Transactions can be combined for application; Minimum total installment amount is just HK$1,000

Simple and quick application; Just apply by phone or fax 7 working days before payment due date
Simply call 3199 9888 to apply
or Download Download application form
1. "Easy Spending" Interest-free Installment Plan is applicable to retail purchase transactions (including local, foreign and internet retail purchase transactions) made by OCBC Wing Hang Credit Card (including Co-Branded Card) or credit cards issued by other Hong Kong credit card issuing institutions. The minimum total application amount is HK$1,000 and the minimum amount of each single transaction is HK$300.
2. For non-OCBC Wing Hang Credit Card transactions, Cardholder has to submit the credit card monthly statement showing the related transactions for application purpose.
3. Once the Cardholder’s application is approved, an administration fee of HK$80 shall be charged by the Bank.
4. The annualized percentage rate (APRs) of 0.21% monthly handling fee (12-month tenor), 0.25% monthly handling fee (18-month tenor) and 0.29% monthly handling fee (24-month tenor) are 6.29%, 6.84% and 7.59% respectively.
5. Phone-in application can only accept a maximum of 10 transactions.
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